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  • Address change for Dentistry website Saturday, 8/13/16 Posted: 8:48 am - 8/11/16

    As part of our name-change transition, the college of Dentistry’s URL/web address will change from to Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016. Redirects will be added, so all old links will still work.

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  • Maintenance requiring an Internet outage Posted: 1:39 pm - 8/10/16

    Friday, August 12th beginning at 5:30 p.m., OIT will be replacing a system that protects HSC users from malicious websites. All HSC internet traffic flows through this system and a full internet outage is expected while the change is being made. Access to websites and other services that depend on the internet will be affected.

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  • Network maintenance in Reynolds, Friday 8/19, 3 – 10pm Posted: 3:54 pm - 8/09/16

    Friday, August 19th beginning at 3 p.m., the OIT networking team will be installing new network equipment on the third floor of the Reynolds building in College Station. During this time there will be intermittent network outages on the third floor. No other floors will be effected and all operations should continue as expected with no interruptions in service.

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